How to count words of websites


I recently was asked to translate a website about, of all things, mattresses. A first glance showed that it was quite a massive website, with many product descriptions, and translation from Spanish into English already in place. Now in out business, people often expect a translation quote straight away. I was actually walking in the street, and checked out the website on my mobile phone. When I got home, I quickly took a closer look at the page, and soon realized it would take me forever to download all the html and do a website word count.


After a few google searches, I stumbled into this wonderful piece of software: PractiCount and Invoice available at Not only does it do word counts of all sort of documents, but it also fills in your invoices for you: an arduous task which no freelance translator likes to have to do. When trying to count the words on a website, the software will ask you to download additional components. Just follow the instructions. A real time-saver!!


P.S. The software look all-too Windows 98, but I think it is a small price to pay Smile


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