Off to the Beach


After another year fighting it out (and collaborating) with the agencies and freelancers in the translation business, the time has come for a summer break.
Off to Lanzarote with the girlfriend tomorrow… (And with her whole family, but that’s another story :-)) So how does a translator spend his holiday? Rent quads, cycle along the coast, or try to put on a bit of a tan? Yes, quite possibly.

Bring the notebook? Quite definitely not. While I admit that I will probably carry my all singing-all dancing smartphone to check my emails every few days, if I can have the discipline to stick to that rhythm (an auto-responder is set up with a picture of me, on the island), more serious hardware stays at home. Just to make sure it’s not only unlikely, but actually impossible for me to work.

So thanks for reading, I shall be off to enjoy my holidays, and you enjoy yours, whenever you decide to take them and wherever they may take you (unless you’re on a permanent vacation, that is).

Do you usually manage to completely disconnect and stick to that Check your emails twice a week routine? Any ideas for putting your business on hold, while on holidays? Let us know in the


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