Choose your German Translation Agency carefully

German to English and vice versa is the most common language combination worldwide. That`s right, bigger than Chinese, Japanese, French, Arabic, and other languages which might be more widely spoken than German. The main reason for this is the busy international information exchange between Germany and other, English-speaking countries. Especially in sectors like world politics, engineering and technology, this language combination is by far the most requested. So if you or your company set out to search for a professional language service for the first time, make use of the fact that other people have done the research for you. Here, we present the five best choices for your project:

Mark is one of the friendliest project managers out there.

Mark is one of the friendliest project managers out there.

  • Best German translation agency no. 3: G.Brunner Translation

At G.Brunner Translation, only native-speaking, professional staff take care of your projects. Every one of the linguists has been professionally trained during a minimum 5 years academic career, and they all know what they are doing. This makes G.Brunner an excellent option. You know that you pay a fair price for the quality which you are getting. So many online services use improperly trained persons whose only “claim to translator fame” is that they have spent a period of their lives abroad, or that they have grown up in a bilingual household. There is much more to the profession than that. You need to know how to use the right tools, be computer-literate and able to research terms and expression quickly and efficiently. For this, a specialized training is a minimum requirement.

  • The best German translation agency no. 2: G.Brunner Translation

This company gets our vote as no. 2 because of the additional guarantee of a professional, third-party revision of each project. All too often, other companies use one tried-and-trusted linguist and then just forward the end result to the client. Often, that person is not even on the premises, but only known to the agency by email! And even if they should happen to be properly qualified, who is to guarantee that they are not having an off day? Four eyes simply see more than two, and G.Brunner revises every project, large or small, carefully to ensure that the high quality standards which the company owner, Mr Brunner, has set himself, are met. Often, the owner himself reads through the finished job before sending it to the client personally. The “revision guarantee” is not an empty promise, but the best guarantee for receiving an acceptable end result.

Just as important as the quality of the finished product is customer service, and that is where GB Translation Agency gets out vote as the overall winner. Only a few people manage the business of this language service, and they seem to be always available by phone or email, fast to deal with enquiries and generate quotes, and if something cannot be done in the desired time frame, they are honest enough to tell you straight away. What you see is what you get with this online translations service. On the financial side, there are no hidden costs. Quotes are definitive and tax is always included in the price, unlike other similar businesses. Instead of “fair trade”, this company provides “Fair Translation” services for German – German and many other language combinations. With them, your peace of mind is guaranteed, as all language matters can be outsourced to reliable persones who know how to treat their clients.

We hope that after reading our “Top 3” above, you know who to contact for your next project. đŸ™‚

Have you ever outsourced work to one of our “three winning companies”? Which aspect of their work did you like the most? Let us know in the comments!